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Sonntag, Oktober 24, 2021


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Table of Content


 12 Months of Project

 Why we need EMS

  - Best practice stories

ECOINFLOW benchmarking

 Future project activities


Project contact:

Henning Horn
Norsk Treteknisk Institutt
Postboks 113 Blindern
0314 Oslo
Phone: +47 90 037013

ECOINFLOW: Energy Efficiency in SMI
The sawmilling industry (SMI) is recognised as having significant potential for energy savings.However some barriers such as lack of infrastructure, profitability of selling surplus energy products (such as bark or chips), low awareness about the reduction potential and lack of knowledge about optimal utilization of the energy, impedes the SMI sector in achieving better energy efficiency. ECOINFLOW is offering a solution to improve energy efficiency by facilitating implementation of state-of-the-art tailor-made Energy Management Systems (EMS) for the SMI. Read more.... 
12 months of the project: achievements and deliverables 

Stakeholder’s involvement: the Pilot sawmills survey

Stakeholder’s workshops

Reports and guidelines

Why we need Energy Management Systems
The efficient use of energy helps organizations to save money as well as helping to conserve resources and mitigate the problems of global warming.The Energy Management Systems (EMS), based on ISO 50001 and other ISO related standards, offer an action plan for continually improving a company’s energy performance. Read more....

EMS in Sawmill industry sector: Existing experiences (best practice stories)
Today, a small number of sawmills in countries which participate in ECOINFLOW have already installed a certified EMS and is similar to total percentage figures across Europe. However, in some cases there has been encouraging uptake of EMS implementation. There are some successful examples of EMS implementation in sawmills coming from Sweden, Norway and France. Read more...

 SCA Timber, Sweden

 Norwegian timber industry

 Bois du Dauphiné, France

ECOINFLOW Benchmarking tool 
The on-line benchmarking tool is expected to be one of the principle ECOINFLOW outputs. The tool will enable companies to compare their energy management practice with sawmills across other European countries. It will be based on relevant comparative criteria coming out of industry participation and will be centred around the benchmarking framework developed in the project. Read more....

Future project activities
The project partners will continue data collection for benchmarking studies and development of benchmark tool. The close relationship with the sawmilling industry in the respective countries will be necessary in order to assure the future project progress. Many project activities will be taken in direction to  strength the bondings with key industry stakeholders. Read more....


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