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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Industry partners

Ecoinflow project counted with strong involvement of the key European sawmill industry players. For that purpose we created the industry section on our website, which was used as an interactive platform between project partners and the sawmill industry. The commitment from the industrial partners was on several levels:

  • Knowledge transfer and training,
  • Measurements for benchmarking,
  • Case studies. 

Key Actor(s)  How did the key actor(s) contribute to this project?
Sawmill industry  Provided data and implement EnMS.
European Wood Drying Group 
Assisted in organising project promotion events (seminars, workshops, etc.)  gave project partner the chance to inform about idea and results of the project, provided speakers and other topics to attract more participants.
Equipment suppliers/ energy service companies
Marketed information, demanded for new solutions.

Target groups  How did the target group(s) benefit from this project? 
Sawmill industry management and operators Energy savings, cost savings, energy efficiency, improved utilization of raw material, increased sales of by-products, development of expertise, decision support, competence training, training sessions, demonstration of energy measurements.
Sawmill industry associations Development of expertise, stronger member group, estimates of energy savings for the European sawmill industry, common tools for energy management, European energy network.
Energy saving programs Industry know how from technical reports.

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