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Sunday, September 19, 2021

SawEnMS Handbook

The SawEnMS handbook is a guide for sawmills on how to implement a practical and usable Energy Management System (EnMS) and developed by ECOINFLOW partners. By following the guide, the sawmill company could develop a framework for working with energy management. SawEnMS is an EnMS that has been tailored to fit the sawmilling industry. Though many parts of an EnMS is relevant to companies in any sector, the SawEnMS is made to ease implementation at sawmills, with relevant examples, advice and tools that can be implemented directly. The ECOINFLOW team made efforts to make it a simple, but robust and powerful tool for energy management. 

Although it is based on the ISO 50001, it is not intended as a complete EnMS that can be certified. However, by following all the steps of the guide, the users could have a very good starting point for an EnMS ready for certification.

SawEnMS consists of seven steps. By using SawEnMS, you could be guided through the whole process, step by step.  The seven steps are as follows:

1.Appoint an Energy management Team
2.Decide on an Energy policy
3.Perform an Energy review (mapping the energy use)
4.Decide on Energy targets
5.Develop an Energy action plan
6.Develop Routines for energy efficiency in everyday work
7.Develop routines for Internal communication

The steps shall be repeated regularly and infinitely to achieve a more and more enhanced EnMS. You could see the steps as an infinite spiral of enhancements to reach a higher level of energy efficiency. 



SawEnMS tool pack

To support the implementation of Sawmill Energy Management systems (SawEnMS), a number of tools has been developed together with the SawEnMS handbook.

The tool pack consists of:

Document templates:

Calculation tools for:

Separate guides for:

The SawEnMS tool pack is only available for download in English. 

National contact points

For any additional information, contact national contact points:

Germany:Stefan Diederichs, Thünen,
France:Xavier Blaison, FCBA 
Latvia:Ivars Akerfelds, Amber Wood LTD 
Norway: Marcus Olsson, Treteknisk Institutte

Sweden and rest of EU countries Anders Lycken, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

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